KL-Angelsport (Update)

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05-03-2023 - A few days ago, a large selection of our range was set up in the shop in Baunach at the Mivardi Pemium Partner KL-Angelsport.

At the beginning, 4 large sales walls were equipped with endgame, strings, tools, swing arms, bags, baits and some more.

These products are also available in the KL-Angelsport online shop.

kl-angelsport-mivardi-online-3.jpg (6.13 MB) kl-angelsport-mivardi-online-4.jpg (4.74 MB)

kl-angelsport-mivardi-online-7.jpg (5.03 MB) kl-angelsport-mivardi-online-8.jpg (5.91 MB)


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