Scopex + Cream and Squid !

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30-01-2023 - Two novelties from last season that appealed to you! Very successful boilies from the EASY CATCH series! Both products work very well even in cold water! That's why it's good to have them with you on your first trips to the water for carp!


Highly attractive sweet boilies of creamy white colour with an intensive scopex and sweet cream flavour. Thanks to its excellent digestibility and gradual solubility, it is also suitable for massive baiting. It is really good choice for fishing in cold water.

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Boilies of the basic Easy Catch series with an efficiency and results that will probably beat much more expensive products. From the beginning of its testing, it brought a surprisingly high number of nice sized catches. It is characterised by reliable and very stable results in any conditions. These are achieved by an optimal combination of attractiveness, well balanced mix, slow but continuous solubility and good digestibility.

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