Catalogue 2017

The new Mivardi catalogue for the season 2017 is here. Check our hot news!

Carryall Stealth

New products 2017 - very attractive and practical carryall in digital camo design already in stock

Rodpod Hardcore

New products 2017 - top quality rodpod for hardcore carp anglers available in our store

Rodpod Professional

New products 2017 - quality rodpod with unique buzzbar locks and built-in bubble level already available.

Bedchairs Stealth

New products 2017 - highly attractive Bedchairs Stealth Flat8 and Flat6 already available.

Hardcore set

Innovative fishing suit with technology of 2 membranes which guarantes you being dry and warm in all conditions!

Chair Feeder Master

Unique product of chair and trolley in one!

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Nuclear Spod 5lb

New designed, powerful spod rod, that offers a really high value for money. It is made for casting…


Cradle New Dynasty XL

An uncompromising carp care solution. This extra spacious cradle with tube frame and four…


Bedchair Stealth Flat8

An extra light and fully flat bedchair in the digital camo design. The thick mattress with fleece…



Bivvi New Dynasty XL

A larger bivvy that has been manufactured from an extremely resistant material (M-Tec 410) with a…


Phenom Carp FC 3,30m 2,5lb

A luxurious range of carp rods with an extraordinary slim and dynamic blank. With these rods its a…


Team Mivardi TMX 13000 13,00m

The flagship of the MIVARDI brand. The competition pole that moves the stiffness and speed of the…




About Mivardi Brand

21. 06.MIVARDI is the biggest fishing tackle brand from the Czech Republic and an important brand in the central European region. In the M-CARP product selection we offer the tackle for uncompromising carp anglers. The main part of our production is focused on the hobby fishing, feeder, match fishing and spinning.


Martin Polak - Intro

Check out our new video made by new consultant Martin Polák!


M-Carp Club

Mivardi M-Carp

The top level fishing tackle made for enthusiastic and demanding carp anglers.

Catalogue for download

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Catalogue 2017 download

Here you can download Mivardi 2017 catalogue.



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