Carp Scout

The most advanced technical and technological bait boat on the market. Completely new generation available again!

Carp leads Stealth

New Mivardi carp leads available in our e-shop. Excellent quality for unbeatable price!

Powerbank Hardcore

With this unique power station from Mivardi you will never be afraid of low battery of your mobile phone or laptop!

Professional RC

Excellent new bivvy light with up to 30 hours of battery life and several lighting modes!

New Dynasty RC

Mivardi 2017 new bivvy light with 200 lumes light power available in our e-shop.

V1 Extreme

Successful Mivardi groundbait with new improved recipes!

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Combo MX9 Wireless 3+1

Full featured high quality bite indicators with detachable snag ears. Four wheel controls allow for…

174,90 EUR


Power Station Hardcore

All power stations are NOT the same! The Power Station Hardcore is a uniquely designed,…

164,90 EUR


Spotter 3,60m 3,0lb

Precisely built rod with extraordinary strength but still very slim blank. The surface is…

169,90 EUR

MIV-SPOX330L kopiex


Nuclear Spod 5lb

New designed, powerful spod rod, that offers a really high value for money. It is made for casting…

69,90 EUR


Bedchair Stealth Flat8

An extra light and fully flat bedchair in the digital camo design. The thick mattress with fleece…

169,90 EUR


Bivvi New Dynasty XL

A larger bivvy that has been manufactured from an extremely resistant material (M-Tec 410) with a…

369,90 EUR




About Mivardi Brand

21. 06.MIVARDI is the biggest fishing tackle brand from the Czech Republic and an important brand in the central European region. In the M-CARP product selection we offer the tackle for uncompromising carp anglers. The main part of our production is focused on the hobby fishing, feeder, match fishing and spinning.


Stairs2hell 2017 - Jan Prchlík

A very interesting video made by the member of our Mivardi Carp Team Jan Prchlík who took part in the biggest carp fishing competition in the Czech Republic this fishing season called Stairs2hell 2017. Our congratulation on sector winning and the 4th place in total ranking.


M-Carp Club

Mivardi M-Carp

The top level fishing tackle made for enthusiastic and demanding carp anglers.

Catalogue for download

katalog 2017_banner_maly

Catalogue 2017 download

Here you can download Mivardi 2017 catalogue.



David DejvL Lužný - Autumn fishing More

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