Little Waters II. – Pavel Bobrman Vohralík

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16-05-2021 - Well, the opposite is true, instead of tench, I add beautiful carp and capers to the account. That's when you focus on something, or you really want to. The secret of the tench will only be solved by our young friend Pája, who will arrive with a float and manure. It is solved, they are practically under our feet, but they want to have completely different ones. Thanks to the withdrawal of the average size of boilies, beautiful large bream and crucian silver also come to me, but this is not really the target fish.


So, at the very end, I will choose the opposite "patrons". Dumbell 18x14 mm. Once again, the Monster Craba flavor will be number one. Hook size no.4, StripShield drawstring 25lbs and my version of the float mount with shrink tubing. Dumbells of this size looks quite significant compared to the classic 14mm pop-up. I'm very curious how my scaly "clients" will take it. We don't have much time left, we are at the end of the penultimate day of the expedition and we are packing tomorrow. Friends who came to visit us here during the whole hunt for the final talk are coming. It's getting dark and I have a really intense shot.

IMG_0417.png (3.62 MB)

The duel is until I would say beyond the limits of the possibilities that I thought I could experience on this little water. I'm already thinking that maybe I cut a bigger fish, like catfish or grass carp. I can't get the fish to myself and the prepared landing net. After thirty long minutes and testing each other's strengths and possibilities, the fish is near me. It's a really beautiful carp.

IMG_0612.png (4.38 MB)

The memory of a beautifully built carp, which I caught here 5 years ago, had a distinctive hump, flashes through my head. That would be a big bonus to meet him again. He really is the "person" of this locality. And it is so, Kabo expertly picks up the carp and I am very happy, although the photos will probably not be perfect, because the gloom has shifted significantly to night.

IMG_0659.png (2.31 MB)

I can weigh him down again and he is doing really well, I wish him many more years and he gets the freedom he deserves. I'm looking for this contact hunt, small beautifully overgrown areas, when a person has a merger, the nature will help him extinguish it. Our tactics based on a combination of particles and rapidly dissolving pellets celebrated success. I've learned that floating lures can be incredibly effective, even with the taste we fishermen call "smelly", that is, the smell of seafood. After a very long time, I almost gave up the sweet flavors.

IMG_4465_1.jpg (678 KB)

Every time you come up with what you prepare at home in your head before you go on an expedition, you will be pleased. I was especially pleased with the perfect atmosphere of the hunt, with a real friend with whom we are happy in all respects. I wish you all the most successful hunting!

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